17 People That Had Nightmares After Visiting Their Hairdresser

There are entire research projects dedicated to how age and life satisfaction influence our choice when it comes to our hairstyle. The more we love ourselves and the more we accept ourselves, the more our hairstyles actually fit us. But sometimes, an attempt to achieve a cool new image is shattered by a harsh reality: the level of a hairstylist’s professionalism is not even close to the price we pay trying to save some money.

We at Bright Side couldn’t ignore the obvious evidence that choosing the right professional is extremely important.

“All I wanted were bangs that looked like Dakota Johnson’s. I showed her multiple pictures and this was what I got. It’s been over a year and they look fine now, but wow, I was suffering for a few months there.”

When you wanted some waves but it didn’t work out

The top 2 are reference pics. The bottom right is what I got. Bottom left is when I went to a new salon a few months later.

“My sister got a $10 haircut earlier today.”

This girl wanted her bangs to be like the ones in the lower photo. But one side ended up being shorter than the other."

Can anyone explain what’s happening in the picture on the right?

“It was over $200 and she didn’t even realize that anything was wrong. I went back to get it fixed a few weeks after and it looked exactly the same so I’m never going there again.”

“What my wife wanted on the left vs What she got on the right. She got a refund and they tried to fix it, but she found a different place.”

“I got it professionally done because I didn’t want to mess it up.”

“Haircut I showed the hairdresser vs What she cut. I just cried in my car afterward.”

Just a bit lighter than she wanted it...

“Left is what I wanted, right is what I got.”

“Went to a pretentious hipster place for a pink ombre. Things did not go well.”

“Homecoming hairstyle my daughter asked for vs What she got”

“Asked for caramel balayage, came out looking like a tiger.”

She paid $165 for color and this is what she got.

“My friend wants to go to school to be a hairdresser, I let her practice on my hair... I never thought I loved my hair so much before this happened.”

How do you define a good professional when it comes to the people who do your hair?

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