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17 People Who Couldn’t Wait to Live in Perfect Hotels on Vacation, but Life Had Other Plans

Each of us dreams about going on a perfect vacation, don’t we? However, even now with travel catalogs that offer hundreds of tourist destinations abundant with promising pictures and impressive advertising, people going on vacation still face the same issue: services that don’t always match up with reality.

We at Bright Side try to stay aware, however, sometimes we also get fooled by skillful marketers who are able to “pack” tempting offers of golden beaches and 5-star hotels in perfect packages. The characters in today’s compilation can assure us, thanks to their own experiences, that we can’t ever fully trust vacation advertisements.

1. “My hotel room has such a nice view!! Wait a minute...”

2. “Just arrived at my hotel in my ’sea-facing room.’”

3. It seems the room with this number doesn’t exist.

4. According to the location of toilet paper, the bathroom in this hotel was made for a person with very long arms.

5. The carpet in this hotel hallway is quite weird. Has someone been murdered here?

6. “I’m 6’3” and this is the bathtub in my hotel room."

7. The TV set in my hotel room isn’t hung straight. Is it a new design style?

8. “Our hotel shower’s glass is glued in and it leaks. It’s impossible to shower without flooding the whole bathroom.”

9. Free meal at a 4-star hotel!

10. “The view from the beds into the bathroom in my hotel room”

11. This stump table in my hotel room is perfectly placed to take you out on your way back from the bathroom in the middle of the night.

12. “Found a salt and pepper shaker set in my hotel room with non-identical shakers and packets shoved inside.”

13. “The water in my hotel is basically bone juice.”

14. “Came to Athens and booked a hotel room that overlooks the Acropolis. Just got to my room...”

15. And this is why you check the hotel coffeemaker before you use it...

16. “Something about this hotel just doesn’t feel right...”

17. When there are too few sockets in a hotel room:

Have you ever encountered similar unpleasant surprises during a vacation? We’d be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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