17 People Who Deserve an Award for Their Witty Comments

Are you bored with your everyday life? Do you need some inspiration? Then just take a look at these cases showing that sometimes a good comment is all you need to change your whole perception of a situation.

We at Bright Side gathered the most brilliant examples of web commentary that will definitely make you laugh out loud and boost your imagination.

17. When you are not sure if you went to the zoo or the zoo came to you:

16. There's certainly something wrong with this dog.

15. Miracles happen!

14. Or to the Chamber of Secrets...

13. A good joke is always based on wordplay.

12. Pure logic!

11. Every dog owner will understand this.

10. Are you sure?

9. Convert to Cageanity!

8. When you take everything too literally:

7. Are you sure that you don't have Harry Potter among your relatives?

6. When you really love your friends:

5. The best way to get rid of them is to pretend to be dead.

4. Wait...what?

3. When you live in a parallel universe:

2. Every YouTube user is crying right now.

1. This is the most serious crime ever.

Bonus: Trust me, i'm Jack

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