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17 People Who Imagined Really Strange Things

The ability to see the beauty in everyday objects is great, but it’s even cooler to be able to see the absurd in everyday things. All it takes a really rich imagination to catch these jaw-dropping images.

Bright Side has found 17 people who were lucky enough to find the extraordinary in very ordinary things.

1. “Sometimes I just look at pictures of the Earth from space and I marvel at how beautiful it all is.”

2. “This bush looks like Jabba the Hutt.”

3. “I was a little drunk and thought this looked like the fish from Spongebob Square Pants.”

4. “I was just trying to take a picture of my little cousins.”

5. This port needs defragmentation.

6. This carrot wants to be an astronaut so badly.

7. “You keep me wild and I’ll keep you safe.”

8. “There is an alien-shaped pepper on my pizza!”

9. Laro in Syberia.

10. “The bottom of my eraser looks like a painting of birds in front of a row of trees.”

11. This hedge looks like a monster.

12. “The snow slowly melting on the front porch looks like an ice tornado.”

13. “My mom thinks she met Rihanna last night.”

14. “The ’close’ button on my train looks like Kenny.”

15. “The foam in my beer looks like a smiling dog.”

16. “The ice cubes in the iced coffee I ordered today were shaped like mushrooms.”

17. “Should I take my dog to the vet?”

Are you able to see unusual things like the people in this list? Tell us in the comment section below!

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