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16 People Who Preferred to Learn From Their Own Mistakes and Regretted It Bitterly


There are so many sayings that tell you to think first and then act. But many people prefer to ignore this rule and they usually end up with various failures. The heroes of this article are united by one single thing — they don’t like to read manuals and think for too long before doing something. That’s why everything they do, from baking a cake to making a bet, leads to a tremendous but still funny failure.

Bright Side wants you to have a look at those who prefer jumping head first, instead of planning.

This sink is a full arm’s length away from the edge.

At least he tried...

“I made a turmeric face mask without actually researching it and it stained my face. Now I look like Bart Simpson.”

Well, it doesn’t say “Do not sit.”

“My boyfriend brought me back a jar of sea shells from his Spring Break trip to Florida and I don’t know how to tell him that some of them are pistachio shells.”

“I’m sure my Mom thinks it’s charging.”

Never tell her the truth!

“He’ll be on my mind even when I’m sleeping.”

“My son tried to cook me waffles this morning...”

His life and his embarrassment

Somebody tell him how the thing in his hand works.

We want to believe our hero managed to scrape this plastic off his oven.

Reading is not a requirement for forklift operation.

“I gave my friend a soap bar as a present. She thought it was a cookie and bit a piece off.”

"Well, I'm not the smartest guy out there."

It’s probably the only parking space where carts can’t touch his car.

Which of these heroes is the number one failure maker in your opinion? Or, maybe you or one of your friends went through a similar situation? Share your stories in the comments below.

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