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17 People Whose Shoes You’d Rather Not Walk In

It would be nice to wake up in a world without any tricks, where things always come out perfectly, where no one cheats and makes silly things. But alas, those are only dreams and we have to deal with what reality gives us: mischievous pets, strange design projects, and bad luck.

Bright Side hopes that the characters in our compilation will keep their sense of humor and that their misfortune will gain them some welcome attention.

“Wanted a relaxing bath to ease the sadness and used the most disgusting bath bomb possible that stained both me and my tub. I look like I rolled in the dirt now.”

When you have real alloy wheels:

That’s why we need to keep the light on when getting ready for work.

Karma in action

That’s what it’s like every time...

“They forgot to tell me I was looking at the wrong camera.”

“Our glass coffee table randomly exploded while we were watching TV.”

“That’s why there are never enough baskets for me.”

“Waited almost 14 years for this moment and, of course, I missed it.”

Well, sounds like the truth...

“Aaaand there go my $300 headphones.”

“I accidentally put my leather gloves in the washing machine.”

Not all hacks are equally useful.

A single request from a girl to the famous Photoshop master, James Fridman

“Can you somehow adjust my hands and make it look like I’m holding a glowing orb?”

How many cm is “circle” cm?

That’s the perfect place to take a photo.

“Lost my wallet 3 days ago, finally ordered new cards, and then...”

Do you have funny fails that you’re willing to share with us? Looking forward to seeing them in the comments!

Preview photo credit gene100001 / reddit
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