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17 Photos That Are So Heartbreaking You May Want to Eat a Tub of Ice Cream

Sometimes we can come across situations that are dramatic enough to become an episode of a Brazilian TV soap opera. The best thing we can do is pick up our camera and take a few photos, otherwise no one will believe that this happened in real life.

Bright Side put together 17 photos that are full of both drama and comedy at the same time.

1. It seems the wedding went well.

2. A crappy situation by all accounts

3. Somewhere in Siberia

4. “My wife took a bath and the pets, who all hate being washed, came into the bathroom to make sure she was OK.”

5. Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

6. “20% chance” of rain overnight

7. Trying to escape the vet

8. Just imagine your friends telling you to be a balloon for Halloween.

9. “Meet Pawpaw. He is not amused.”

10. “Angry drunk pirate cat hiding in my daughter’s drawer”

11. “This dude started reading his book and got inspired.”

12. “Sandra, can you open this freaking thing? I have a bit of a situation here.”

13. “I had a cinematic flash back when my daughter took a bath recently.”

14. We found love in a hopeless place.

15. The hero

16. “Me, my sister, and my best friend (from left to right) on our graduation trip.”

17. A 2-year-old girl drew a pillow on the ground and laid down to get some rest.

What whimsical scenes have you witnessed recently? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Rotor1983 / Pikabu
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