17 Photos That Have the Spirit of the ’90s in Them

The '90s were unique and amazing times that were so florid and colorful. It's not surprising at all that those who passed through them have kept the memory of the '90s through their entire life.

We at Bright Side decided to recollect some nostalgic memories of the things that surrounded us then. Some of them will probably make you smile while the others will make you burst with laughter. Let's see!

17. Plastic slinky. Was it not your home rainbow?

16. You always dreamed of doing the same thing, admit it.

15. These candies are still produced, but the package is different now.

14. The best toys of Kinder Surprise.

13. A delicious commercial for Pickwick Tea.

12. Turbo chewing gum. Did you notice that it was shaped like a tire tread?

11. Barbie's tiny shoes.

10. A Sugar Plum bracelet, when we could nibble candies right from our wrist.

9. Kaleidoscope toy, where we could see a world full of magic.

8. Sophist-O-Twist hair tool. Nobody knew how to use it exactly, but all the hair-dos looked perfect in its commercial.

7. A pencil with many-colored leads. The main thing was not to lose one of the parts.

6. Chewing gum balls appealed to us with their color and shape.

5. Good old pogs. Our teachers even prohibited us from playing with them at school.

4. Chewing gum in the shape of a cigarette. We even "smoked" them to look cool.

3. The best tablet we ever had.

2. A slap ruler that could be worn as a bracelet.

1. Troll dolls with multi-colored hair.

Did you have any of these items during your '90s? Or maybe there was something we didn't mention? Share your thoughts or even photos in the comments below.

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