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17 Puzzling Pictures That We Just Can’t Explain — Can You?

There are so many incredible events that happen all around us, but the reasons behind them are always different. But some of these situations can’t just be explained logically. How often do you see people riding cows in a city or a car levitating between buildings?

Bright Side invites you to put on your detective hat and attempt to investigate what actually is going on in these 17 pictures.

A reliable mechanism be like:

“What do you mean my tire is no good?”

“The city of Sweden is currently flooded. The Swedes aren’t that concerned.”

“My brain hurts from trying to understand how it happened.”


“Found this today while weeding a vineyard.”

A girl riding a cow in a McDonald’s drive-through

How many spiders are in there?

For those who are totally disappointed with their life:


When you have no time to prepare breakfast:

“So, my neighbor has disappeared...”

Getting rest in nature

Strange dress code

Extremely hot water

A bear peeking out of a sewer

The strangest costume ever

Did you manage to figure out what was going on? Share your opinion with us!

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