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17 Things All Men Can Relate To (Ladies Might Not Want to Miss This Either)

Men will be men! It’s been said that women are from Venus, and men are from Mars. Is that the reason both can’t really understand each other? There are many things that only men can relate to, and despite being their significant others, women may not get this the first time.

The Bright Side team talked to a lot of men, and then women, to figure out which things only men can relate to.

1. Those days!

2. Walking in style that only men will understand

3. 8 urinals? Only 4 men can pee simultaneously.

4. The men’s guide to showering

5. Before shave vs after shave

6. These are essential.

7. Only men know this, for sure!

8. Let’s go shopping she said, it won’t take long she said.

9. There are two types of men...

10. His secret’s been revealed.

11. The after shave clean ups require microscopic assistance.

12. If you know what I mean...

13. Women are from Venus after all

14. Men’s shampoo usage chart

15. Growing hair in all the wrong places

16. Losing hair from all the right places

17. Any man’s dream office

Do you know of any relatable things? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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