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17 Things That Can Make Anyone Say, “W-O-W!”

In our evolving world, unusual things happen almost every day and we definitely want to know about as many of them as possible. We can’t help but follow our natural curiosity! Many times, there are things that make us think, “Interesting!” But in this article, we only gathered the things that will make your jaw drop. We mean it. Just wait until you see the lightning strike the tree!

Bright Side has stumbled across 17 pretty rare items and phenomena that will truly surprise you.

1. An eagle’s claw

2. The smallest computer in the world placed next to a grain of rice

3. “I spend the whole working day under the blazing sun. This is how tan I am.”

4. A cross-section of a transatlantic fiber-optic cable

5. A stingray’s jaw and teeth

6. This octopus is asking the diver for help picking up the log.

7. Mimosa pudica, also known as the sensitive plant, reacting to touch

8. Fireworks provoke more than lightning does.

9. The rain is approaching.

10. Looks like these guys have set all the records possible.

11. It’s just a kite.

12. This frog swallowed a glowworm.

13. A solar eclipse viewed from an airplane

14. Lightning captured in slow-mo

15. This Toyota neglects the laws of physics and does something unbelievable.

16. The dance of 2 dolphins

17. This lightning demonstrated all its might on a little tree.

A solar eclipse looks fantastic from an airplane. What photo impressed you the most?

Preview photo credit sammcp / reddit
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