17 Things That Will Inevitably Happen in the Near Future

Life is changing. New technology, new equipment, and new products come rapidly into our lives. What was unheard of for previous generations is already nothing unusual to us, and this transformation happens every day. Bright Side picked a few items that are practically on our driveways already. And there's a long-term bonus at the end.

1. Robot-man

It may be sci-fi at the moment, but never say never! Who knows? We may witness a human brain being connected to a computer sooner than we think.

2. Almost perfect insulation

Scientists invented a special material called aerogel, which is basically a gel full of incredibly tiny holes. The holes are so small (we are talking about nanometers) that gas molecules cannot go through them, and this gives this material its perfect insulating ability.

3. Personalities for robots

Google has been working on developing robots with personalities and sets of different moods. Are they going to argue with their owners about different things as well?

4. Hyperloop

Hyperloop is a super-fast transportation system with an expected speed of 760 mph. The pods/containers travel through a tube under a near-vacuum using magnetic levitation technology.

5. Thinking machines

Google DeepMind is working on an amazing system called AI, which can do lots of things and even learn various new skills. AI even managed to beat the world's number one player in the game Go. Is it the arrival of the Terminator?

6. Mars travel

Although it may sound like fantasy, it seems that this day is closer then we think. Just, please, don’t leave anyone on Mars.

7. Clothes for superhuman skills

Do you want to be really strong? No need to spend hours at the gym! Just get this special suit, and it’s done — you are superhuman.

8. Self-driving vehicles

Many car manufacturers are working on self-driving cars. Very soon we won’t have to worry about choosing a designated driver.

9. Robots for housework

This is everybody's dream. It's great to have a dishwasher at home, but wouldn't it be awesome to have somebody (or something) who can also load and unload it?

10. Biofuel

Biofuel is already here, and its volume gets larger and larger every year with more and more products getting transformed into power. Apparently, we create hundreds of tons of coffee waste every year, and some companies are already looking for a way to turn coffee waste into biofuel. Hopefully, it will smell like coffee too!

11. Space balloon

Regardless of how unrealistic it sounds, hot air balloons may become popular for space travel. Apparently, they can potentially reach 30-40 km above sea level. Although "space" starts at 100 km above Earth, it is still very impressive.

12. Breathalyzer cars

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is developing equipment which can scan the fingers and analyze the breath of a driver for alcohol levels. This is brilliant because way too many accidents happen because of drinking and driving.

13. Internet for everyone

No more worries about Wi-Fi passwords or slow internet! You will get to access an incredibly fast internet connection wherever you are. Elon Musk and Richard Branson are planning to cover the entire planet.

14. Smart food labels

Around 30% of produced food is wasted because we toss it out after the date on the label. Regardless of the date, there is a high possibility that there's nothing wrong with the food, but how can we know for sure? These labels can help us. Initially, the labels are smooth, but they get bumpy over time. The more the food decays, the bumpier it gets.

15. Painless tattoo removal

There are thousands of people who say, "I wish I never did it!" about a tattoo, but the removing process is costly, painful, and often leaves scars. A Canadian student developed a cream that stimulates the growth of new cells instead of the inked cells.

16. Delivery drones

More and more people are shopping online now, and using drones seems to be a cheap and reliable method of delivery. Will we also have to invent drone traffic lights to avoid crashes?

17. Prosthetics

Very soon we may see people with advanced prosthetic limbs with various extras and "skin" so sensitive it can "feel" touch or temperature.

Bonus: The human body

Charles Darwin predicted that our body will change with time. Although he was mainly referring to the body parts which humans don’t need any longer, describing them as "useless, or nearly useless," the bottom line is that the human body will change. If some parts disappear, perhaps other will appear. One day our bodies might develop extra features that will allow us to fly like birds, run like cheetahs, and swim like ducks. Remember – never say never!

Our list could go on and on. The future is not written, and it is in our hands. Tell us in the comments what you think the world around us will be like in 50, 100, or 150 years.

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