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17 Times People Wanted to Buy Something Cool Online, but All They Got Was Disappointment

Life is full of surprises, especially the unpleasant ones. For example, when you order a pair of sneakers online, and you receive a suit that looks like sneakers. Or when you buy a facial mask with your favorite princess Jasmine on it, use it, and now you look like you’re ready to go to a monster party. These situations prove the fact that internet shopping is always a lottery that most people lose.

We at Bright Side really hope that you can avoid these situations and we empathize with those who were not that lucky. And at the end of the article, there is a bonus that will prove that just because something is expensive, doesn’t mean it will be good.

“My friend bought sneakers off eBay and this is what he got instead.”

“Don’t buy veneers online.”

Well, this bear must have a really sad story.

“This is not what I ordered.”

At least the dog has a new toy.

“What I ordered vs What I got (after one wash)”

“I ordered my birthday outfit and wanted to cry when I got it!”

“My mother bought a swing set from Amazon... She said this one cost $17 and the other one was $22.”

How do you like this “sun protection device”?

“Thank God it’s free to return this.”

“My little sister ordered a blanket online.”

The face of this girl says it all.

The girl just wanted to look like Jasmine.

“Vintage silver turquoise ring I purchased from eBay”

“We’re sorry but each set of the Skullcandy Wink’d Floral is unique...”

“So I bought this bag for my dog who is 15 lbs because it said it can hold dogs up to 20 lbs.”

“That time I tried to be trendy: I was wondering why the box was so big when it got delivered...”

Bonus: It’s not just the goods sold online that can be disappointing. “What I asked for vs What I got for $450 and after 4.5 hours.”

Have you ever experienced situations like these? If yes, which one was the most memorable?

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