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17 Times Singapore Showed the World How Cool It Is

Singapore is a city-state where new technologies get along with the traditions of different peoples and cultures. However, what a Singaporean calls everyday life does not seem ordinary to everyone else.

Bright Side has found out which things look weird, mysterious, incomprehensible, and impressive for those who come to this magical place for the first time.

17. Singapore is a land of prohibitions. The city is teeming with warning signs for adults and children.

16. Animals and birds in the zoo do not know about the prohibitions, so they can easily deprive you of your shoes.

15. You’re not allowed to feed pigeons, walk around the house without clothes, or play music in public places.

14. The local airport is the center of entertainment. There is a giant slide for adults and children, and nearby you can watch movies for free or receive a massage.

13. And this is a theme park. With extremely doubtful themes.

12. Singapore is among the top 10 countries where people with high IQs live. Maybe that’s why this taxi driver plays on the stock exchange while waiting at a red light?

11. All takeaway drinks are sold like this.

10. Ice cream sandwiches are a favorite children’s snack.

9. But for just $1.50, you can eat in the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world.

8. For $23,000, you can get on the most luxurious flight in the world with Singapore Airlines.

7. It’s a paradise for architects who build the impossible. For example, a floating stadium.

6. Singapore buys land from neighboring countries, creates new islands, and thus increases its area, taking over Asia.

5. New buildings have personal bomb shelters, huge pools, and Finnish saunas.

4. But the sizes do not suit everyone. The average male height is 171 cm, and the female height is 160 cm.

3. And fiftysomethings look like they are only 20 or so.

2. Perhaps the whole point is that this is the happiest country in Asia.

1. Or perhaps everything is even simpler. Maybe it’s just the birthplace of superheroes.

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