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17 Times When Expectations Were Too Far From Reality, and It’s Hard to Say Which Story Is the Saddest


Life is not always nice and sometimes we get disappointed when we don't get what we expected. The people in this compilation could write a book on this subject as they know everything about having their expectations smashed by a harsh reality.

Bright Side has collected moments when reality truly amazed people.

1. When you ask the barber to give you a cut from this photo:

2. Who would've thought that socks could stretch?

3. Packaging really means a lot.

4. The truth behind online photos

5. When you photograph your friend and they photograph you:

6. "The chocolate wafers I bought a week ago vs the ones I bought today. Same price."

7. "I just wanted some tasty strudel!"

8. Spinach before and after

9. It doesn't even remotely look like what's in the picture.

10. "I wanted a space cake and I got a space failure."

11. This "baby" carrot

12. "I just wanted some marshmallows."

13. "When I ordered a small, this is not what I had in mind..."

14. These dollar store napkins...

15. Very generous

16. "What people cook vs what I cook"

17. When you shop online, you should be ready for this:

Which disappointment seemed the worst to you? Share your opinion in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit somepeoplecallmeyou/imgur