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17 Truly Bizarre Uniforms From Around the World

If you have ever thought about joining the army or doing sports for a living, then check out some of the official uniforms. Some soldiers and athletes get to wear bizarre outfits!

We at Bright Side chose 17 such uniforms for you to see before you make any decisions.

17. Ice cream popsicle, anyone?

In the heart of Thailand, an ice popsicle would be a great treat for these soldiers.

16. Charrrrooo!

It's screaming, "I'm Mexican!"

15. Best rugby jersey ever!

This outfit is asking for some catcalling!

14. How many wars did these commanders go through?

So shiny!

13. Easy, tiger!

"Roar!" is all we hear.

12. I'd also cry if I had to wear this.

Don't cry. It's going to be ok.

11. An astronaut wannabe? No, just a flight attendant from the 1960s.

The '60s ruled.

10. Going all "pink flamingo" for a good cause!

This is actually an event to support cancer survivors and fighters.

9. We guess the designer was looking at a ladybug...

They (ladybugs) are so cute!

8. Now, girls...wait. What?

If you had doubts, pink IS a masculine color.

7. Macho much? A.k.a. the Spanish Foreign Legion.

Was Antonio Banderas involved in the design process?

6. I'm not sure if marching is a good idea.

Hey, they wear kilts in Scotland!

5. Just smile.

"Open-hearted" just got a whole new meaning.

4. Police Gangnam Style

I wouldn't mind getting arrested.

3. Ah, those great muscles!

Exposing too much may not be the best idea.

2. What am I doing here?

Marching must be difficult for them.

1. Hey, boys, let's go to the opera after training.

Probably the classiest uniform ever!

You've seen 17 different and quite bizarre uniforms. Tell us in the comments below if you'd wear them!

Preview photo credit Palencia FC/Facebook
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