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17 Weird Products Women Actually Spend Money On


During her lifetime, a woman will spend approximately $15,000 on makeup alone, but this is not the only thing women spend money on. And some of these things look... Well, just see for yourself.

We, at Bright Side, love women of all shapes and sizes, but we can't avoid talking about some spending habits we find odd, like the purchases on this list.

17. Make-out practice pillow

Thehe popularity of these pillows is actually astonishing. But we guess everybody gets lonely sometimes.

16. RAD Emergency Bra

An object that can save your life! This was invented by Dr. Elena Bodnar who, at the time, was the founder and president of the Trauma Risk Management Research Institute in Chicago. This stylish bra transforms into two gas masks with independent strap systems. Having 20 years of experience in research under her belt, Dr. Bondar should know what she's talking about... maybe we should get one?

15. Cuchini

This simple little thing will prevent the showing of a "camel toe" in any type of panties or trousers. But you could just get clothing in your size to avoid this issue.

14. GoGirl

This hefty tube let's women pee standing up. We'd leave it at that, but we just have to mention that the original version is currently sold out on their website. The website that has already sold over 5 million of these. You go girl!

13. Boob glue

This "gravity defying" product claims to hold boobs of all sizes in place. They claim to be "A Cleavage Make-Over in a Bottle" and promise to keep your boobs perky.

12. Heel condoms

Yep, you've read it right. Invented, at first, as a simple protective cover for heels, this evolved into a fashion trend and basically lets you choose a ton of styles to turn your shoes into.

11. BraZing

For everyone who's tired of seeing simple bra straps, there is the BraZing company. We can best explain what they make as bra strap wrappers. Our only question - is it really that different from before?

10. Foot undiez

Because why just have undies in regular places, right? We believe this was invented by a person with a little... foot fetish.

9. Ta-ta towels

Do you even know there were towels made for specific body parts? Yep, and here's the boob towel - support and dryness is their message, we think.

8. Beetle earrings

While a huge part of us would presume this jewelry to be quite creepy, it's popular with a certain group of people. Just don't put it on to meet your significant other's parents.

7. Handholding phonecase

For the lonely among us... Who else in their life wants to talk on the phone and hold a plastic hand at the same time? Except maybe the inventors of this phone case.

6. Ryan Gosling pillow

We get it, he's handsome, talented, and quite ripped in all the right places, but do we really need a Ryan Gosling in every bed?

5. Hug buddy

Speaking of extremely masculine pillows - here's another product for people lacking hugs in their life. And it's also in stock!

4. Smile trainer

No matter how anti-feminist it is to tell a woman to smile more - apparently ladies are totally up for buying this product on their own. It literally stretches out the corners of your mouth to give you a "perfect smile" - whatever that means.

3. Wine Bra

If you were thinking to sneak some wine into the movie theater or your kid's recital - don't. For other sneaky cases there is this bra that can store up to a bottle of wine. Let's hope there's no leaking.

2. Lipstick helper

Perfect plump lips are the dream of the modern woman, right? If you don't want to put time into learning how to apply lipstick, you can always purchase this creepy looking mask. Also handy for Halloween!

1. Side sleep boob pillow

Is one of your boobs smashing the other one while you are asleep. Prevent this risky business with the boob pillow.

Did you get a laugh or did you find something useful on our list? Be sure to share it with us in the comments and may God save you from unnecessary purchases!

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