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17 Weird Sights It’s Hard to Stop Looking At

Even though a phenomenon as strange as a coincidence can be measured by the law of relativity, we all still love to find correlations between seemingly random events.

We at Bright Side believe that coincidences make for some of the most interesting photos and stories and that's why we've gathered some intriguing content for you!

My car and my garbage can have the same wheels.

He could definitely pay less for the plastic ones.

My milkshake is the same color as my mug.

Is it full? Is it empty? Is it meant to be a genius prank?

"At my friend's wedding, there was a stranger who copied my toddler's outfit."

Some people are embarrassed when they show up wearing the same thing. Some couldn't care less.

My pineapple shirt lines up with my pineapple tattoo.

This guy must really love pineapples.

Perfect timing

Homer's keeping an eye out.

The image of the skyline on the RV lined up perfectly with the real horizon.

Nothing shall ruin the landscape view.

Walked past this yesterday at the perfect time to take a photo:

It's a new breed, get over it.

"My mom is a smoker. She bought a lighter with her astrological sign. Irony."

Take a hint.

Pretty close!

Good thing he wasn't alive back then. Or was he?

This cucumber is sponsored by Air Jordan:

Advertising everywhere!

Irony. It just happens.

Let's hope she's not feeding any kids with it.

"I was inducted into NHS tonight and my father, my nana, and my grandmother all got me the same card!"


"I went to my friend's place to meet his new kitten. Quite the coincidence..."

He must've been a model at some point in his past.

An ice cream cone ordering an ice cream cone from an ice cream cone...

Ice cream inception.

What are the chances?

Almost twins!

The bald row

It's like a bus to adulthood.

There were only nines in the National Lottery today.

What are the odds of this happening?

Do you have any photos of an unbelievable coincidence? Share them with us in the comments below!

Preview photo credit hartlok/imgur, unknown/reddit
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