17 Witty Comeback Stories That Prove Good Will Always Triumph Over Evil

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I was working at a hotel and my boss did NOT Like me. I had been hired by the previous manager and then he had suddenly replaced her just as I started working. Anyway, he was excited to be working in his old college stomping grounds and would go out night after night with his old buddies and party. Hard. Then he would come back to the office and do the books and count the drawers and do the deposits. Many nights this was while drunk off his butt. IT wasn't pretty. I literally saw him fall out of his car and crawl into the office once. Well, there was a confrontation between myself and the housekeeping staff ( They wanted their cousin to get the job, not me and they treated me really rudely.) Anyway, the manager says "Let's consider this your two week's notice". Fine! I took my stuff and left. Then I never went back. I found out later he had to spend the two weeks working my job which seriously dampened his personal life. When I got home I put a phone call into the night auditor, who also hated this guy. HE called corporate and spilled the tea. They sent an undercover guest to come and spend a week at the hotel and to keep an eye on things. He had a camera and totally busted the boss. I mean, got him gooooooood. I found out a few months later he even got pics of the guy going out, getting wasted and coming in and got pics of him in his office doing the books while wasted. He was less than 2 years from retiring with a HUGE retirement package and got fired COLD and Lost ALL OF IT!! It was awesome. I felt so justified. Sometimes the universe smiles at you and sends RAINBOWS.