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18 Accidental Shots That Turned Out to Be Pure Gems

There are almost 3 billion smartphones on the planet today and this allows us to snap the most unexpected photos at any moment. Sometimes you want to randomly snap a picture of your family or your pets and you do it at such an amazing time that the picture turns out to be much more than it was supposed to be.

We at Bright Side have collected 18 photos that were taken at just the right moment.

1. This is even more impressive than being able to walk on water:

2. Maybe he’ll get a real mustache after this...

3. No, this is not a mutant pigeon.

4. Please, don’t kill him.

5. It looks like a Renaissance painting.

6. Is this a sequel to The Shape of Water?

7. The interior designer must have had a brilliant sense of humor.

8. Snow suits him well.

9. No, he’s not missing a leg.

10. She has perfectly normal hands. No worries.

11. We’re not sure who’s where or who’s who.

12. No, she’s not a superhero.

13. This is a perfect description of a perfect shot:

14. We’re pretty sure his legs are bigger...

15. This is an illusion:

16. When pigs fly? More like when dogs fly!

17. No, he’s not a hobbit.

18. This is why you should never skip arm day at the gym:

If you have any other perfectly-snapped pics to share, please do so in the comments section below!

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