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18 Barbaric Acts That Will Haunt Our Dreams

Not all decisions are right. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll have someone standing next to you who will tell you that whatever it is you’re doing, you’d better stop. But since not everyone has those types of people in their lives, things can sometimes get out of control.

Bright Side found examples of hilarious decisions that shouldn’t have been made.

1. A timeless masterpiece

2. This is not what you’re supposed to do at the zoo:

3. Had to do a double take on the zebra...

4. “Mobile massage? Door locks from the outside? A rock-climbing wall? Name is smelly bag of dirt?”

5. “I work for Cadillac. A man wanted us to appraise his car. A man did not end up buying a new Cadillac.”

6. “Somebody used this flea comb at the store to remove their dandruff and put it back on the shelf.”

7. “Who and why?”

8. Guns shouldn’t be cute...

9. “Sunburn pockets”

10. “They tried...”

11. “In the janitor’s defense, he did put the soap in the soap dispenser... But he missed one minor detail.”

12. At least they learned from their mistakes!

13. “They fixed it...”

14. The power of art

15. “Roman legionnaire reminiscing about his comrades he saw die at the battle of Teutoburg Forest in 10 AD.”

16. Why not search for dogs at the Champions League match?

17. No one said it would be easy, Pikachu.

18. “He always has his nose in his phone.”

What would you say to the people who created these masterpieces or to the people who seem to act first and think later? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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