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18 Bets You Probably Wouldn’t Mind Losing At

There are thousands and thousands of bets made every day with the most impossible conditions ever. And even though they’re not as bad as losing an awful amount of money, they still hurt, either mentally or physically. Some people have to get their hair styled as a pineapple, while some have to dress up as a Christmas tree for a whole week before the New Year.

We at Bright Side have collected 18 photos of people who have won and lost bets that are much more creative than you could ever imagine.

1. Losing a bet can be fashionable.

2. This guy had to go through security dressed as a dinosaur (and TSA found him adorable).

3. Christmas is a fun time in many ways.

4. A boss and his coworker had a weight loss bet and you can easily see who won.

5. These are the kinds of healthy bets we’re into.

6. This 86-year-old man easily won a pole dancing bet.

7. That’s why you can’t underestimate girls playing sports.

8. This dad lost a bet and had to dye his hair bright red to the enjoyment of his son.

9. He was told he wasn’t tall enough to reach the ceiling and he proved them wrong.

10. This couple is much more creative than most.

11. This is one sight that is hard to unsee.

12. This man tried to guess his child’s gender and lost miserably.

13. The boss paid for the lost bet in pennies.

14. It’s hard to believe this guy won a bet at balancing a ball on 2 poles.

15. He believed America would play hockey against Canada and he was wrong.

16. A Swedish principal bet a student that if they could pass the 9th grade, he would dye his hair pink. Guess who won!

17. The worst way to lose a bet is to have the memory stay with you forever.

18. This guy lost a bet to his history teacher.

If you have any other photos of creative bets, please share them in the comments below.

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