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18 Cases When Expectations Were Shattered by a Harsh Reality

Life often surprises us with things and situations that we didn't expect to see. Or maybe we expected them but not in this way. For example, you ordered something on the internet but received something completely different. Or you bought a product because there was a beautiful picture of it on the package and what you found inside was a complete disappointment.

Bright Side has collected 18 things and moments when big expectations led to a great amount of disappointment. At the end of the article, we have prepared a quiz for you where you will have to guess which part of the photo was the expectation and which was the reality.

18. Big Ben has changed.

17. Technically, there is no deception here...

16. The difference between the picture and the actual product seems to be pretty normal now.

15. We all need to get used to this:

14. "When the manicurist was done, she admired her own work and said, 'This is better than what you showed me.'"

13. Above: the project of the underground tunnel Hong Kong — Zhuhai — Macau; Below: the object that is almost complete. Find 100 differences.

12. "Scotland. Expectation vs reality."

11. "I am not Groot."

10. These marshmallows don't smell like magic at all.

9. Almost half the pack of Oreo if filled with... air.

8. "Expectations vs reality: Ordering clothes from Amazon."

7. "A Facebook friend went to visit a bamboo bridge and rice field in Thailand that she saw on Google. Unfortunately, it was during the dry season."

6. "There is a big difference."

5. "This is not at all what I had in mind when I bought this balloon ball..."

4. Buying clothes online is always a good way to test your luck.

3. The manufacturer probably thinks that there is no difference.

2. Tattoo masters are artists, too. They have their own vision.

1. Snow in New York: expectations vs reality.

Bonus: sometimes, the reality exceeds all expectations. Try to guess which of these pictures show the reality and which show expectations.

In the first pair of photos, the left is the expectation and the second is the reality. The next: the upper one is the expectation and the lower one is the reality. And the flower cake: the left one is the expectation and the right one is the reality.

Have you ever been in a situation when the reality was way worse than your expectations? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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