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18 Dramatic Photos That Could Beat Agatha Christie’s Novels

Sometimes one photo can contain more meaning than a huge detective novel, while characters in them can be more expressive as well. For example, old ladies guarding a yard or a guy having lunch in the trunk of his car.

Bright Side found 18 mini-stories based on real events.

When your ingenuity lost its common sense:

When your dad thinks your bath bomb is a toilet cleaner:

They are looking for the keys...

When your dog decides he likes the taste of your new Porsche:

IQ-test for chosen ones

Monitoring the playground for shenanigans

When you were lucky to get out of the water on time:

The comfort of your security guard is a sign of safety.

The storm was 2 days ago, but the stone appeared yesterday.

When you collected all you had and created this:

“My friend went to his room to sleep last night and found rodent prints on his blanket.”

This guy eats his lunch in his trunk.

The chosen cat... We wonder what his mission on Earth is.

When you suddenly realize that your boat is not cool anymore:

When you show up at the wrong party, somewhere in a parallel universe:

“Wife left me alone with the kids for the first time and after asking for an update, I sent her this.”

When there are major traffic jams on the roads and you have to look for alternate solutions:

“This raccoon is peeping through my dad’s window at his raccoon figurines.”

Which photos of yours have become true legends? Please show them to us in the comments!

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