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18 Everyday Objects That Made Us Believe They’d Come Alive

We have all seen things that weren’t there: faces, animals, objects. But some people saw a shark on a stone, an animal in a fence, and a bride in a waterfall. We offer you the chance to take a look at these and other things and check to see how imaginative you are.

Bright Side decided to impress our readers with photos where people saw things that weren’t even there.

1. “Told the turkey it was going in the deep fryer...”

2. “My slippers look like they’re up to no good...”

3. “Hello, there!”

4. This rock is amazed to see people here.

5. This spider’s face is in a seemingly odd spot...

6. This rock looks like a shark.

7. What a coincidence!

8. “Woof!”

9. Is this a bear or a dog?

10. 3 friends

11. Can you spot Johnny Bravo hidden in this plant’s shadow?

12. This angry pear creature

13. “The emu trapped inside my backyard fence has seen some things!”

14. This box is not happy about getting wet.

15. The drinks look like 2 people that are happy to see each other.

16. “The light is still on at this rightfully surprised pay phone near my house.”

17. Do you see a bride in this waterfall?

18. We see a woman here!

Do you have a rich imagination? How often do you see something unusual in very normal things?

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