18 Examples Of Bad Luck Even a Black Cat Would Run Away From

What do you know about an unlucky day? And it’s not just being late for a meeting or missing a bus. Most really unlucky events happen unexpectedly and you can’t control them. According to research, unlucky people are generally much more tense and anxious than lucky people, and normally anxiety disrupts people’s ability to stay away from accidents.

Bright Side found 18 pictures that show examples of bad luck.

1. It was the first and the last time I cooked.

2. My bike caught the phone.

3. Guess who the owner of this car is out of all those people.

4. Not who she was expecting

5. A little help, please.

6. Heartbreaking

7. Have a nice trip.

8. Who’s the lucky person?

9. Guys, who parked the car here?

10. Winners can also be losers.

11. Not cool.

12. Lost my apple and my apple slicer.

13. How I feel when my girlfriend is angry at me:

14. My daughter knows how to cheer me up.

15. Never ever drink anything while wearing a helmet. Anything...

16. Good work

17. Must’ve been painful.

18. Who stopped to take a photo at a moment like this?

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