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18 Examples of Clothes and Accessories That Won’t Go Unnoticed

Designers always try to mimic and follow modern technology. Thanks to this collaboration, real masterpieces appear that are impressive in both their simplicity and attention to detail. And this article is about these interesting inventions.

Bright Side invites you to have a look at 18 things that prove that the future’s already here.

“I got a new purse today. The first photo is without flash, the second is with flash.”

This is a bow tie created by Neck Speces.

Robust daintiness

Shoes are an artform that is all their own.

For those who need some cuddles

Asymmetric frames for the bravest among us

A bag for a laptop that turns into a portable work desk

An iPod hoodie

A T-shirt for future moms with a great sense of humor

A scarf for writers

Comfy shoes by Zara

Extraordinary scarf

Anti-paparazzi jacket for those who want to go unnoticed

Where can I buy this?

When you’re ready for both summer and winter.

Who said that matching clothes are only for couples?

Felt shoes by Lasso

A collar that will definitely attract people’s attention

Which item impressed you the most?

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