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18 Examples of Life With Roommates to Remind You It’s Not Always Bliss

Boredom isn't something that you have to deal with when you live with roommates – be it for good reasons or for bad. How would you like to wake up in a tower of red cups or to see the "sausage Matrix trick" in your room?

Bright Side found 18 pictures that reveal just how exciting it can be to live with roommates.

My roommate has to get up at 4 AM for a train. I'll just leave this snowman here:

Bringing the pet into the mix

This is how my roommate decided to let me know that it was time to throw out my old shoes:

Made this for my roommate:

Regretable violence

My friend works at a movie theater and can take the cardboard cutouts. I have an irreconcilable fear of sharks. She decided to use her spare key privileges to terrify me beyond repair.

Woke up and thought I lost my roommate. Found her a few minutes later like this...

My roommate, the engineer:

My roommate is afraid of clowns.

That's one way to deal with dirty dishes...

Left a romantic surprise for my roommate...

Prank revenge on my roommate

Just got this key cut for my 6'6", 250 lb, male roommate.

My roommates said they left me a slice.

Roommate passed out early at a party...

There was ice in the bottom to give it weight. Gotta love roommates.

Went to defrost the freezer. Seems my roommate has been having some fun.

For April Fools I decided to turn my roommates' bathroom into a chicken coop. We live in an apartment.

What are your experiences with roommates? Share your photos in the comments below!

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