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18 Futuristic Inventions That Can Knock You Off Your Feet


Every day, inventors and developers make our life a little simpler and more practical. Some simplify small details, while others simply make life more pleasant. For example, a miniature cinema that can be carried around is ideal for those who have to travel long distances.

Bright Side has collected the most interesting inventions of modern geniuses that we’re all lacking in our everyday lives.

Traffic lights in Cuba show drivers how much more time the green or red light will be on.

Haier, the smart mirror

Do you hate matching your clothes to get the perfect look every morning? The smart mirror called Haier will do it for you. At first, you need to enter all your clothes into its database by installing a special chip onto all the items in your wardrobe. After that, the mirror will be able to create various sets out of existing clothing pairs. Also, it can help you find where you left your favorite sweater and give useful recommendations on how to wash each item in your wardrobe.

Insoles that watch the positioning of your body

Stappone insoles scan the condition of your body, detect problems with movement or posture and help correct them. For example, if you sit or walk incorrectly, the system notices it and gives a recommendation on how to fix it.

A sports bag for transporting dogs

NanoHold: a universal fixation for your smartphone

NanoHold is a special fixation for smartphones and tablets. With its help, you can adjust your device to any vertical surface like metal, glass or plastic. It doesn’t leave any traces or marks on the surface, easily adjusts and can be used literally anywhere.

A special car piggy bank

A duvet cover you can draw on

This is a perfect item for people who have kids. After drawing on the duvet case, it can be washed, cleared off, and ready to be painted on all over again! Special markers are included.

A seat cover for dogs

A pocket cinema, Royole-X

Royole-X is a portable cinema that you can always carry with you. You can use it for watching movies, listening to music and playing video games, completely immersing yourself in virtual reality!

The knob in this shower cabin is located next to the door. That way, you won’t get wet while turning on the water.

The portable washing machine, Scrubba Wash Bag

The Scrubba Wash Bag is a small yet invaluable item for long trips. There are special grooves inside that help wash all the dirt and stains from your clothes. All you need to do is place your clothes into the bag, pour some water on them and add washing powder. The bag closes airtight and should be “massaged” manually to properly wash the clothes.

Spire, a sensor that determines your mind’s condition

By determining and analyzing the intensity of your breath, the sensor can inform its user that they’re tense and gives recommendations on how to get back to a relaxed state, for example. This sensor is perfect to use during physical activity.

A simple construction in the shape of a clothespin is easy to use in any situation and its waterproof cover protects the sensor from sweat and splashing water.

These parking lines have been applied to the wall too so that people can park even more precisely.

Another thumb

A new achievement in prosthetics is the additional thumb. The gadget’s inventor never understood why prostheses are used by disabled people only. Such inventions can help other people improve their bodies and make them more functional.

In this café, the water coming from the tap drips onto plants in order not to be wasted.

A smart toothbrush, Unico Smartbrush

The intellectual toothbrush, Unico Smartbrush can brush your teeth within 3 seconds. It is navigated by smartphones supported by Android and iOS.

Bed fan

We all know that if we put our foot out from under the blanket, sleeping becomes way more comfortable. But not all of us know that there’s a special fan for the bed that can provide a normal heat exchange at night.

A washable phone

It’s a well-known fact that our smartphones collect a lot of dust and microbes because we often touch them with dirty hands and put them on dirty surfaces. Luckily, this issue has already been solved by a company called Kyocera who invented this phone that you can wash with soap and water.

Which of these ingenious devices would you like to use in your daily life? Why? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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