18 Girly Things That Guys Probably Don’t Want to Know About

Women are somewhat of a mystery to most men. Men just can’t solve all the riddles that girls hide. Millions of girls’ tricks stay secret forever but today we’re revealing a handful of them.

Bright Side invites you to take a look at the world through a woman’s eyes. Girls, do any of these situations ring a bell?

18. “The reason I don’t grow long nails anymore.”

17. — “Honey, come out!”
— “I’m almost ready!”

16. “Walked in and saw my girlfriend sleeping. I’m not sure she’s human.”

15. Awesome selfies: expectation vs reality

14. It’s not that easy.

13. “What I mean when I ask someone to take a pic of me”

12. Useful hack

11. When you decide to draw eyebrows only

10. Geat disclosure

9. When you aren’t getting your way and then he says, “Alright, babe, whatever you want.”

8. There should always be a certain system.

7. When you’ve just applied mascara and want to sneeze:

6. When you still love online shopping:

5. When you accidentally move your head and the filter disappears:

4. Men don’t understand anything.

3. When you google song lyrics and realize that you’ve been singing something strange all this time:

2. “My diet can wait.”

1. Friends: “Wanna hang out tonight?”
Me: “Oh, I’d love to but I have so many things to do.”

Do you know any other funny habits and traits that girls have? Share them with us in the comments!

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