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18 Heartwarming Photos That Can Make You Feel Good

In moments of despair, it seems that nobody cares about anyone. But this is simply not true. Still don’t believe it? Then look at the people in our compilation! They know what care and compassion are and they’re always ready to help.

Bright Side has collected pictures of people who make the world a better place with their kindness, empathy, and compassion toward others.

1. “I sold my truck to pay for her surgery.”

2. “Kids get a $2 discount if they read a book aloud to this barber in Michigan while he sorts them out.”

3. “Good girl came to check on me after I dropped something really loudly in the middle of the night...and brought me a gift just in case.”

4. It’s great when you have someone to lean on.

5. “My daughter spotted some magpies attacking a jackdaw. After being rescued it decided to hang out with us for a while.”

6. “If you park your car in Korea where construction work is happening, your car will be wrapped in a bag like this.”

7. “This little guy is 10 years old today. I took the day off work so we could hang out.”

8. “These workmen are awesome. This man sat down for a few minutes to explain to our boys all about the roadwork.”

9. “Crows flew to my balcony. I left some food for them in the morning, and in the evening, I found a piece of meat in the same spot. This is how birds care for me.”

10. “This guy has baby twins and it’s their first flight so he decided to hand out earplugs to all of us with this little note.”

11. “Thank you! You’re my hero.”

12. “The local PD hands out flowers to all the moms on Mother’s Day!”

13. “A random person brought tennis balls to the dog park.”

14. “I was walking my dog around the block tonight and this guy stops me. He asked if I live in the house that recently had the tree cut down. I say yes and he tells me to hang tight. He comes out of his house with this. Says he made it from one of the logs of that tree! What a great gift and a great guy!”

15. “Raising Men Lawn Care” is a group of young men in Alabama who mow the lawns of elderly and handicapped people, free of charge.

16. “Heartbroken that she couldn’t win the T-Rex in the claw machine, Uncle Max went back the next day and won her the entire family.”

17. “Our cats had a fight and my parents are trying to make them resolve it.”

18. This baby is under supervision.

We’re convinced that you’ve seen true care too. Tell us about it in the comment section below so that the entire world can know about these heroes.

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