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18 Highly Misleading Photos That Can Make You Stop Trusting Your Own Eyes

There are so many photos you glance at, skip over, and then come back to trying to understand what actually went on there. It might be a woman whose arm magically merged with her leg or it could be a cat whose tail grows out of its chin. You just never know.

We at Bright Side collected 18 photos that will make you come back to them and take a closer look.

1. No, this cat doesn’t have a tail growing out of its chin.

2. She’s certainly not that muscular.

3. Is she dating a werewolf by any chance?

4. He’s got beautiful legs.

5. This is not a man with a tiny head.

6. Is that his true self showing off?

7. That’s honestly terrifying.

8. I didn’t know dogs could fish.

9. That’s just a hug that went terribly wrong.

10. I don’t think her hand is that different from the rest of her body.

11. It’s probably not a mutant pigeon.

12. This baby has probably smaller legs than this.

13. All this white really confused me.

14. No, it’s not 2 policemen smiling at each other.

15. Clouds don’t appear like this.

16. The biggest troll award goes to this van.

17. This lady probably doesn’t have a foot for a hand.

18. This girl definitely has a body.

If you have any other photos that make you doubt what’s going on in them, please share them in the comments below.

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