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18 Hilarious Products That Failed to Live Up to Their Ads

When you unwrap a freshly bought product, you hardly ever find inside exactly what the package promised.

Bright Side has compiled for you some desperately funny cases where the actual purchased items were a far cry from what they were advertised to be.

"I might have been better off ordering a bracelet."

With a sprinkling of oregano

Plot twist

A sticker that sticks

Candy topped? But where are the candies? Ah, there you go!

More like catosaurs.

Fake McFlurry

Spidey got Zika.


It seems like a bit of a stretch.

It looks like what would come up after you eat it.

"Might as well have mugged me."

Not quite, Taco Bell, not quite.

Cat-astrophic socks

Looks like they can’t get these right.

Can you spot the difference?

The image is for illustration purposes only.

Works perfectly

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