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18 Hilarious Times People Went Too Far at Work

Some people love their job, others... love their job too, but in a more interesting way. Sometimes people might not be in the right place, but their creative energy breaks through anyway.

Bright Side has found a few pictures of what people do when they’re over-creative or just bored and have nothing else to do at work.

1. Hope the front window is clear.

2. When you just need to be connected with nature:

3. Someone did the best job they could.

4. Throne for the King of IT

5. “There is a big leek under the water heater.”

6. No woman, no cry

7. You can’t even relax here!

8. Well, somebody is definitely not the most popular colleague.

9. It’s been a hard day for the whole office.

10. The project manager from our office is getting married.

11. How much time does this person have during the workday?

12. Is it Halloween or just another day at the office?

13. We’re making a cardboard house next!

14. When hairdressers get bored:

15. How much time did it take to figure this out?

16. What a nice family.

17. Born to fly, forced to work.

18. The sculptor is in da house.

Have you ever done something fun with your colleagues? Do you have free time during your work day for creative pranks and jokes? Share with us in the comments below!

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