18 Hilarious Times When Customer Complaints Were Heard Way Too Clearly

It's not unusual to be unsatisfied with customer service, but why keep it bottled up? It's way better to share your story with the internet to get some laughs, replies, or shared frustrations.

Oh, and so Bright Side can make this wonderful compilation!

Pretty on the outside, empty on the inside.

Did they?

This is a professional mistake.

Trapped in a bookstore – my childhood dream!

Well, if you're so smart, start your own Christmas campaign!

I don't think you can get help with that...unless she left to get an XBox.

As long as it's worth it!

Tesco, you're shady...

Golden advice

Don't tweet before you check!

Ordered a milkshake. They were out of glasses.

What will I do with so many pickles?

The Pop-Tart crisis

Joke's on you, Zack.

There is hope.

Don't fuss over it. Just fix it.

Tesco strikes with sarcasm once again.

Looks good though!

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