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18 Hilariously Unconventional Solutions to Everyday Problems

Here we present a unique collection of photos, showing how some people just can’t quite manage to solve the problem that’s confronted them. Often, the results are quite simply hilarious!

It’s secure. Lets go!

That’s what I call ’travelling in comfort’!

How does this even happen?

Relax! I’m a professional electrician...

You’re doing it wrong...

You’ve never known comfort like I have...

There’s no way this was an adult’s idea

We’ve found the weakest link!

Real professional installation work, there!

...I fixed it!

Duct tape solves all problems

Well, what else can you do if you forget your shoes?

A very well-hidden camera...

And you said it wouldn’t work!

Why waste your money on real roller skates when you have duplo lying around?

She’s got her eye on you...

For kids who like taking risks...

When you’re too lazy to do the washing-up

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