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18 Images That Will Make You Think ’I’m Not Alone!’

Throughout our lives, we find ourselves in many amusing and even absurd situations, some of which occur far more often than they should. We don’t often talk about them with other people as they seem uninteresting or unimportant. But this doesn’t mean that other people haven’t experienced the exact same thing.

We at Bright Side have come up with 18 amusing situations that we think will be familiar to everyone.

When you really want to eat but just can’t find the right movie to watch.

When you have a cold and you blame yourself for failing to appreciate your good health and looking after yourself.

The awkward moment when you leave a shop without buying anything and think to yourself, ’Act normal. You didn’t steal anything...’

The feeling when the ground in front of you isn’t as even as you’d expected.

When there’s an uncomfortable pause and you pretend there’s a really important message on your phone.

When you’re walking along listening to music and imagine that you’re starring in a cool movie.

When you accidentally stare at someone for a long time and suddenly realize what it looks like to other people.

The hard life of our alarm clocks.

When you’ve had a drink and log on to a social network.

That tiny safe zone when taking a shower between volcanic lava and liquid nitrogen.

When you say out loud that you’re hungry and get told that you only just had lunch.

After your first session at the gym.

When a girl says she’s gone to bed but is still online an hour later.

When you’ve worked flat out for two days and yet still haven’t become a millionaire.

When you log in to Facebook

When you leave your house in the morning knowing you look amazing.

When you try creative makeup thinking the result will be as awesome as you expect.

When you don’t go online for a week and don’t understand any of the latest news or jokes.

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