19 Incredibly Inventive Teachers Whose Classes I Wouldn’t Skip

Each of us had at least a couple of teachers with an amazing sense of humor. They brightened up our student life, not being afraid of appearing funny or light-minded.

Bright Side created a post about teachers who know how to find a way to their students.

Our teacher has a special stamp for such work.

Here's how the professors of my faculty dressed up for Halloween!

A teacher who's sick of Comic Sans.

Our math professor's car.

This biology teacher really knows how to motivate...

...as does this one.

The ability to attract attention is one of the most important for a teacher.

This teacher found a genius way to fight cheating.

Every year, a school librarian dresses as a book angel of death to collect overdue books.

When you've got an understanding professor.

I knew he was tormenting people for a reason!

I saw it on the door of my teacher's office. Quite fair!

When you feel you're under supervision even when the teacher is absent.

The teacher was tired of fighting property destruction and decided to auction the "masterpiece" off.

The English teacher in a school photo album.

The teacher said he could see back rows better this way.

The professor's rarely present in his office, so he hung his picture at the door.

Came into class to see this picture. Best teacher ever!

She doesn't know what's coming...

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