20 Instagram Fashion Trends That Are Incompatible With Real Life

When it comes to fashion, we often look to Instagram for inspiration: it's full of photos of young guys and girls in cool clothing. Their styles always seem so simple and easy to achieve. But, in reality, there are often insurmountable difficulties that prevent you from achieving the desired results.

Bright Side has put together some evidence showing how Instagram fashion is often totally incompatible with reality.

Fashionable jeans for a luxurious body shape

Who said shoes have to be comfortable?

When you want to look like today's youth

Great style! Time for a photo...

Seems we need to wait while someone works out a diet for their head...

A stylish tan with unexpected variations

What incredible beach photos!

T-shirt or dress? It's probably just for taking photos in the mirror.

Some trends last a lifetime

It's finally arrived!

These false lashes are amazing!

How to do smokey eyes according to beauty bloggers

When you try out Instagram makeup ideas

I bought my husband new socks...

A manicure done at home

A little contouring is always good

Adding a little highlighter to your evening makeup

Thick fashionable brows

A morning photo, #nomakeup

Styled nose hair. No comments.

Preview photo credit gret_chen_chen/instagram
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