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18 Music Album Covers That Are So Awkward, They Had Us in Tears

The first illustrated cover of a music album was made in 1939. And since then it has become an important part of the music industry. With its help, a musician can tell their story or explain the album’s content. But some musicians went a step further and slightly overdid their attempt to highlight their album art in order to draw in the attention of listeners.

At Bright Side, we’ve collected some funny and crazy examples of awkward originality and inventiveness just for you!

1. He knows Sally’s secrets.

2. “Choose Me” would sound better.

3. Party hard.

4. Cabbage Patch album by the Cabbage Patch singer

5. Each car has its favorite song.

6. What a pity that beer can’t affect one’s quality of singing.

7. Is it mummy’s mummy?

8. There’s nothing like dancing in the fresh air.

9. This birthday celebration looks a bit terrifying.

10. Don’t leave your plants alone in silence.

11. Mother’s pride

12. Keep out of the reach of children.

13. Greetings from the weird crew...

14. An unusual family situation

15. The rule of life

16. Um, have they ever seen a horse?

17. Pretty ladies in pink

18. Banjos are already naked, right?

Which of these albums would you listen to? Do you think it’s proper to judge its contents by the cover? Tell us in the comments.

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