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18 Outrageous Things That Can Lead to a Nervous Breakdown

The devil is in the details which is especially true when it comes to everyday habits. No, not to ours, but to the habits of others. We don’t notice a lot of bad things we do but we always see the things our friends, family members, colleagues, and strangers do. Such annoying habits make our eyes twitch!

Bright Side has found 18 people whose habits may drive you crazy.

1. “When my wife leaves her $900 iPhone on the edge of literally everything...”

2. “The way my roommate ate this pie I bought for Thanksgiving”

3. How hard is it to put back what you didn’t need?

4. You want the towel because your hands are wet but you can’t take one because guess what? Your hands are wet!

5. There’s only one answer.

6. “How my wife opens a box of tea”

7. “People with xenon headlights”

8. “My local theater gave free popcorn. This is how some people repaid them.”

9. When someone doesn’t like the crust:

10. “I didn’t have milk so I decided to eat cereal with ice cream.”

11. Who would do this to that marker?

12. “The way they cut my pizza”

13. “My co-worker’s desktop”

14. When someone does this for an entire song:

15. How can you unsee this?

16. “I’m dating either a genius or a psychopath.”

17. A woman put her feet on an airplane ceiling where the air conditioning was.

18. Why would you even do that?

What things do you find unacceptable when it comes to other people’s behavior? Tell us in the comment section below.

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