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18 Outrageous Urinals That Had Us Stunned and Confused

The suggested healthy frequency of visiting the “powder room” is 6-7 times daily, but we bet the restrooms on this list are visited way more — for the purpose of taking a picture, of course.

We at Bright Side have figured out that it’s not only men who are eager to laugh about what we are going to show you, but ladies also don’t mind getting “peek behind the curtain.”

A normal urinal in Russia

Norwegian urinal

My local garden center has urinals shaped like plants.

A female urinal

Urinals that protect your shoes from splash back

Why would there be holes in them?

Secret urinal

The restaurant I’m eating at has a TV that constantly plays Star Wars movies above each urinal.

This urinal has a mini-soccer game.

Urinals are getting out of hand.

The urinal at a bar I went to the other night had headrests.

Music-themed urinals

This demanding sign:

My local nightclub has a different girl over each urinal judging you.

When they speak your language...

One for the big boys

I stared at these bathroom doors for 5 minutes before walking into the wrong one.

A tile urinal

Which one of these weirded you out the most? Be sure to share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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