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18 People Who Accidentally Gave Themselves Away

Everyone has their own skeleton in the closet which can be successfully hidden for a certain amount of time. Sometimes it’s something harmless like a masquerade for an airport pickup or it can be something completely unexpected like Ross from “Friends” becoming a thief or maybe even a nipple piercing.

Sooner or later everyone who was hiding something or wanted to play a trick gets exposed.

Bright Side found 18 of the most hilarious situations where things like this actually happened.

“Today my mom found out I got my nipples pierced.”

The most interesting things are often under the radar.

When you have to write something because of the witnesses:

It went so well at the beginning...

When you know he’s one in a million:

When you just wanted to brighten up somebody’s shopping day:

“My dad told me it might be hard for me to find him at the airport because he looks so much different after losing weight.”

Top-level dog training

Celebrities are also experts at pranks.

When a fight for “likes” goes too far:

Everyone has lifehacks for house cleaning.

When you haven’t seen “Spiderman” but you still have to hang the posters:

We already know.

The employee of the year

When you don’t like to lie on your résumé:

When modern technology played a joke on you:

It seems like Ross is getting desperate these days.

Of course, it wasn’t Ross, but even David Schwimmer had to get in on the fun.

Have you ever witnessed a funny situation where someone got exposed or maybe it happened to you? Share with us in the comments!

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