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18 People Who Are So Lazy, They’re Worthy of a Standing Ovation

Lazy people are really very wise. Things like bicycles, toilets, remote controls, washing machines and more are all designed to make our lives easier. But in the life of a sluggish person...

Bright Side has collected 18 photos that evoke the phrase, “What a lazy genius!”

18. We hope this driver has the eyes of an eagle.

17. And the Jenga winner is...

16. It’s more than relaxation.

15. The new superhero: Phone-man

14. Have a Christmas tree like this and return it back to the store after the holidays!

13. This is a dream life hack for an introvert.

12. “Cat, please turn out the light.”

11. Microwave it all together.

10. “My bathroom isn’t a place for hard work.”

9. All for your comfort...

8. Warm up your food without getting out of bed.

7. Breakfast maestro

6. Well, 1 straw is okay, but 6 are better.

5. He has his own rules on the beach.

4. Actually, it’s a good tool for mold removal.

3. Skype with the casserole be like:

2. Father of the year

1. The quickest lunch in the world

Do you like these lazy life hacks? Tell us in the comments!

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