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18 People Who Can’t Explain What’s Going On

The world will never stop surprising us with what nature does, and what adults and children can do. But we think this is a good thing.

Bright Side has found new evidence that we should look around more often in order to notice all the things that reality has in store for us.

1. Just a regular school

2. The very definition of “classy”

3. Cats are supposed to love boxes, so...

4. So close to being a perfect fit...

5. How many dirty dishes do you have?

6. “My kid decided to be an astronaut in Ikea and my mom followed suit.”

7. “We missed you!”

8. When you moved out of town and came back to visit your relatives:

9. “Fixed the crosswalk, boss.”

10. “Hurry up and put on the wheel chains.”

11. “I was waiting for the number 63 bus, then this happened.”

12. A tooth for a tooth

13. And this is probably just the beginning...

14. We wish we knew how this started.

15. A boy and his dog, Brussels, Belgium

16. Radioactive flowers

17. Nice suit

18. Goodbye to you, weird creature in an empty store.

What surprised you the most?

Preview photo credit Reddit, janine99 / Imgur
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