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18 People Who Live Life by Their Own Rules

In general, human beings are proud of being "normal" and having common sense. Yet there are individuals who don't care about the accepted rules. Instead, they go out in pajamas, prank their friends in the most insane ways possible, and totally ignore public opinion. Are they genius or just plain crazy? Take a look to decide for yourself!

Bright Side has collected 18 daring rule-breakers to make your day a little better. Don't miss our hilarious bonus in the end - trust us, it's worth the wait!

1. "You're still asleep until you drink your first cup of coffee."

2. This granny knows how to party!

3. Well, that's one way to cause a heart attack.

4. Sometimes we all need a stack of dollar bills...

5. He wanted to be the Pope.

6. Even lonely men need someone to comfort them.

7. Who knew libraries were so mean?

8. Revenge is coming for you.

9. "A very tiny fish? Really, guys?"

10. When you want a flatscreen more than anything:

11. Nailed it! Who knew pineapples were so creepy?

12. We'd like to see what would happen if she forgot to attach her baby back on at the end of the movie...

13. Who needs flowers? Sausage is love.

14. Now you've seen least we hope so.

15. "I don't know about you, but I came here for a free pie."

16. You can never go too far if dessert is involved.

17. "What's that, Mom? Did you say something?"

18. You're our hero!

Bonus: This cat is the epitome of a rebel.

Do you have something to add on this topic? Have you ever met people as weird as the ones on this list? Share with us in the comments below!

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