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18 People Who Looked at the Irony in Their Lives in 2019, and We Should Too

2019 brought unpredictable things for some of us, but we managed to look at them through the magnifying glass of irony. No success with new business, still single, and the sale price of a new shirt turned out to be more than the original: all we can do is just laugh and hope for the better in 2020.

We at Bright Side believe that each situation can be seen from the angle of humor and we want to share 18 pictures that can prove it.

1. “New baby, recently retired, just married, me”

2. “Wife bought a new shirt on sale.”

3. The keyboard of the hardest worker

4. “Recently got glasses and no one told me about this...”

5. “Found in my grandpa’s office”

6. “We recently moved to New England from the tropics. Here’s our dog adjusting to the reality of his new situation.”

7. “Wasps made a nest on my wasp spray bottle.”

8. Real parenting, patience, and humor

9. “Ironic that my pup chewed up this specific card.”

10. “Married to a farmer. We have 4 boys. It’s mud season.”

11. “I was laying on my bed browsing Reddit, when suddenly...”

12. “Just got my wife a new phone because of a broken screen on the last phone.”

13. My side of the closet vs My wife’s side... We moved in 6 months ago."

14. “Walked over twice the daily step goal, and my watch is still telling me to move more.”

15. “The way my coworker used my tape”

16. “My husband bought us the same socks. Identical except for size. It’s all fun and games until laundry day.”

17. “Dragged my husband out to do some Christmas shopping. He was a great help.”

18. Not successful this time

How was 2019 for you? What was the main thing from last year that you will never forget? Please share your pictures with us too!

Preview photo credit vector629 / reddit