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18 People Who Totally Don’t Care About the Laws of Logic

How often do you get confused when a stranger or one of your friends does something that defies common sense? For example, when they bookmark a page with the help of a taco, decorate the steering wheel with rhinestones, or try to eliminate the consequences of a flood in their yard with the help of a basket. This is definitely one of those “You’ve gotta see it to believe it” moments.

Bright Side ran across 18 people on the internet who are unlikely to win the award for being “Most Logical.”

1. Apparently, she’s holding on like this in case of an emergency evacuation.

2. Neville. Neville Longbottom would do it. You should read the books.

3. Why not at least try?!

4. That would change a lot.

5. I wish a mass suspension of a driver’s licenses were real.

6. Born to be a chef...

7. There is no doubt that the cargo will be delivered safe and sound.

8. You don’t have a bookmark? Use a taco. That is a real photo of a real book found on the shelf for returned books in the library.

9. “My sister tried to make a positive message for blind people. In Braille this says, ‘when it rains, look for rainbows.’”

10. There are many things that can be written in direct messages... but this...

11. “Found this in a children’s math workbook.”

12. “A customer said she wanted to return this because the AirPods weren’t in here. This is a protective case for $3.50. I am tired.”

13. It must be a nice feeling when someone thinks about you 31 hours a day.

14. “First day at my new job and I think I screwed up already.”

15. Too many

16. 2 more buckets and you’re done...

17. Mango looks different nowadays.

18. How to turn an airbag into an anti-personnel mine

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