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18 People Who Wanted to Trick the Internet With Their Perfect Photo, but Something Went Wrong

Internet users let us enter “behind the scenes” of how they create their photos. As it turns out, some people just need to find the right angle to present reality in a way that makes them look the way they need to. And some people care so much about making their photos perfect that they call all of their friends over for help.

We at Bright Side really hope that these tricks won’t be used for much longer — or at least they’ll only be used to make people laugh and uplift their mood!

1. “Make me look as if I’m in a field.”

2. “This is me. I love pigeons and they love me.”

3. Don’t have a girlfriend? No problem!

4. There’s no such thing as too many people when you want to take the perfect photo.

5. When you still don’t know if you need comfort or a nice look:

6. Superglue for “super-problems”

7. “Babe, stop taking off guard pics of me!”

8. Facetune is truly amazing.

9. “Relaxing on the terrace”

10. This is the perfect definition of “I know how to look good”.

11. When you’re trying to pretend you’re flying but your sister ruins your plans:

12. “Working on my new masterpiece”

13. Size doesn’t matter if you know how to choose the right angles.

14. An impromptu work trip to the Cayman Islands

15. “I’m 23 and already bought my own apartment.”

16. First, you enjoy lying in a hammock and 5 minutes later, you’re looking for shelter from the storm.

17. When you want to go to a concert featuring your favorite band:

18. “Yes, I’m in the sea. No, it’s not a puddle.”

Do you have any tricks that you use when taking photos? And is it a crime to try to look better in photos than you do in real life?

Preview photo credit szczcharlotte / Twitter
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