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18 People Who Will Hardly Ever Forget the Food They Were Served

In order to get clients, chefs use various cooking tricks and come up with new ideas of serving food. This fact explains why expectations sometimes don’t meet reality. But how can the ones who place sliced tomatoes with some cheese on top, instead of the salad they promised, justify themselves?

Bright Side sincerely empathizes with all the characters of our compilation who stayed hungry after all was said and done.

1. “I ordered bruschetta from my local pizza shop.”

2. “A single tiny piece of broccoli.”

3. “This ’Gyro Sandwich’ I got out of the vending machine at work.”

4. “Ordered salad in a 5-star restaurant and got this. Seriously?”

5. “Grilled salmon at the mall food court”

6. “Sam makes bad choices.”

7. “Wanna hear a really funny joke? I ordered ‘vegan tuna’ at this bougie ski chalet and paid $18 for cucumber and marinated tomatoes.”

8. “Ordered a steak fajita taco...”

9. “My girlfriend ordered a tomato salad at a restaurant.”

10. “I paid 8 dollars for this at the cinema...”

11. “I had no expectations, and I was still let down...”

12. It doesn’t look like pasta with cheese.

13. “Decided to try the new pizza that’s being advertised everywhere for being the best thing ever.”

14. “Tuna salad”

15. “Baby Shark cookies. What was requested vs What was delivered. $30 per dozen...”

16. This is the very case where expectation and reality turned out to be on different poles.

17. “Someone in my office ordered a pizza with cherry tomatoes, but it came with maraschino cherries.”

18. “I get that fast food never really looks like the picture on the menu, but this is insane.”

Did you have similar cases with food? Did you manage to capture them in a photo?

Preview photo credit unknown / Reddit